Another News Cycle

I. Punditry | II. False Equivalence | III. This Just In

Written for and premiered by Bearthoven, November 2016

A serious note:

When some ideas are repeated incessantly, they become familiar, like conventional wisdom. When others are repeated incessantly, they become more and more disorienting.

A less serious note:

“Donald Trump may not be good for America, but he’s damn good for CBS.” – Les Moonves, Chairman of CBS

Scene: Kenneth, an NBC page, sits in a boardroom with several television executives, about to pitch an idea for a new TV game show.

Kenneth: It’s called Gold Case. It’s Deal or No Deal meets Millionaire. There are 10 models, each holding an identical briefcase, but one of them is filled with gold.

Nameless NBC Executive: Have you pitched this idea to anyone else?

Kenneth: Well I talked to moonvest at CBS.

Executive: Les Moonves, president of CBS, knows about this?

Cut to scene of Kenneth in front of CBS headquarters talking about his show idea to a homeless man wearing a vest adorned with moons. Cut back to the boardroom.

Executive: We’ve got to move fast. Mr. Parcell. We love “Gold Case.” How do we make your show?

from 30 Rock