If Jazz is Dying, Who’s Killing it?

Christ in the Concert Hall: Transforming the passion in settings by James MacMillan, David Lang, and Osvaldo Golijov

New Ways to Keep Score: Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians

Musical Understanding and the Critical Mindset

Because They Could Not Stop For Death: Meditations on Mortality in Britten’s “Death Be Not Proud” and Stravinsky’s “In Memoriam: Dylan Thomas”

Two Tries at Third Stream

Developing the Musical Negative: an analysis of the fourth movement of Bartok’s String Quartet no. 4

Ringing Bell Or Smoke Machine: Technology and authenticity in the Punch Brothers’ “Familiarity”

Signifyin(g) with the Dead: Musical memorialization and consolation at John Coltrane’s Funeral

Audio Pieces

In Search of Free Jazz: Ingrid Laubrock

A Cosmopolitan Take on Flamenco: Alexis Cuadrado

Coherent Babblings: Bill Frisell

Old Blog Favorites

To Read (Music) is to Not Know?

What I Learned from Paul Motian

Traveling in Some Vehicle: Why You’ve Never Heard Hejira

Jazz Now: 5 Modern Jazz Albums for the Rest of Us


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